If you have never heard of financial therapy, don’t worry.

You are not alone!

But let’s make sure we’re all on the same page…

Financial Therapy: 

A term coined by Rick Kahler in the 1990s that combines traditional psychology and financial planning. Financial therapy is designed to help individuals and couples make lasting, sustainable change in their financial behaviors and beliefs. How? Through a unique cocktail of financial literacy training and psychology-based methods for habit-formation and change.

My signature process: the Fairydust Method™

I’ve been where you are – scouring for options to help bring your financial dreams to reality. But the thing with all those cookie-cutter options is that they really aren’t realistic. Because they weren’t created for you. 

My approach comes down to my unique 4-phase system to help you…

  • Organize
  • Optimize 
  • Outsmart
  • And Overcome

your finances and blocks holding you back from where you’re meant to be!

This isn’t your mother’s financial program (but hey, if your mother wants financial help I’m always here for her!) in that my unique guiding star is my passion for mindset. It’s time to bring together the worlds of spreadsheets + woo that have been kept apart for all too long. Because let me tell you – these two elements are like star-crossed lovers – when you bring them together, you’re unstoppable!

Here's how we can work together

fairydust financial individual therapy individual

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, ashamed, and guilty when it comes to your finances, I first want you to know that you’re not alone. Financial concerns are one of the leading causes of mental health and emotional distress. But the thing is, having significant financial worries affects your ability to be present and engaged in your life and with your loved ones. 

Individual financial therapy helps you overcome the psychosocial and mindset blocks that keep you from being successful in your finances. By providing a safe, private space to work through financial challenges, we can also uncover the deep inner strength to take control of your life.

Maybe it’s that you don’t quite see eye-to-eye when it comes to managing your money… Or perhaps it’s those money conversations that leave you feeling more disconnected than ever. It’s an unfortunate reality that financial disagreements are the leading cause of divorce. But the thing is, together, we can navigate this complicated and emotionally charged situation with grace and have it bring you closer together…

While financial couples therapy helps you work through this specific, targeted area of your relationship, it creates a platform for greater connection and support on all levels of your relationship. Whether you are legally married, partnered, or in a long-term relationship, I welcome you into couples therapy…

fairydust financial couples therapy couples
fairydust financial therapy a la carte

Because financial therapy should be available to everyone! Maybe you’re not ready for a full-term project or have a particular area you’d like to focus on. That’s why I offer single sessions for those of you who…

1. Have a specific short-term goal you need assistance with

2. Would like to review your currently established financial plan with someone

3. Have some small questions or are testing the waters of financial therapy

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