Financial Planning: Do you need professional help?

Do you need professional help with your financial planning?

Have you ever wished that financial planning was not so darn complicated? It’s almost as if the system exists to make us confused and frustrated. I know that I hate getting scammed and I bet you do too. Feeling taken advantage of isn’t pretty. It brings out the angry, distrustful side of us and then we stop seeking help when we need it.

We create wellness or dysfunction in our lives by how we get our needs met

Even if we don’t want to, reaching out for help and advice can be the most rewarding thing we can do.

It’s also super hard. I have struggled with asking for help loads of times! I’m want to appear confident and in control and like I  know what I’m doing. Let me tell you, the times I have reached out for help, have made me a better person. As hard as it is, I DON’T know everything. There are lots of times I need to use my resources to tackle something I’m facing.

My best money coach……

The best money coach I’ve ever had was my 12th-grade Economics teacher, Mr. Scott Wright. He was feared among students at my school for how strict he was and I adored him. Mr. Wright taught me government and economics in ways that made me take history with current events and synthesize them together. He is the reason I vote in every election. He’s also the reason that I got into personal finance.

As a teacher, he had his own side hustle as a personal finance coach, long before side hustles were the big thing they are now (we’re talking about the nineties here folks!). He challenged me to start saving for retirement early, to be mindful of debt and the beauty of compound interest. Most of all, he made me believe that I was capable of managing my money. This mindset has stayed with me ever since. I have had times when I’ve had almost nothing and times when I’ve had more. I always knew, thanks to Mr. Wright, that I could make something from whatever money I had. Mr. Wright, you don’t hear it enough but you are a life changer!

So what about your financial planning needs?


Do you have a plan for your finances?

Do you feel confident that you can handle your finances no matter how much or little you may have?

Are you on the path to your dreams?

Or are you stuck wondering if they will ever come true?

Wherever you are on your journey, it pays to get help (pun intended). The goal of the Simplify Your Money program is to increase your confidence level. I want you to feel amazing and to soon say “You know what? I got this! And I don’t think I need a money coach anymore”. For real, my whole goal is for you to rock it on your own without me. That’s what a real money coach does for you. Financial planning doesn’t have to be stressful. It doesn’t have to bring that feeling of dread. If you are ready to take that next step enter your email below to get on the waitlist for my next session.

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