Money stressing you out? There’s a better way

Money Stressing – a wake-up call

Money stressing you out? I have news for you. Money is not the cause of your stress. It is your perception of money causing you stress. Stay with me for a minute and let me try and explain.
Money is an inanimate object. Money doesn’t act on it’s own. It is the decisions you make with money and the way those decision affect your emotions. We alone are responsible for our money stressing.
Stress: a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances
Money is not responsible for how you feel. You doubt your ability to handle the situation and so you stress.
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Radical stress relief

You are responsible for every reaction you have, every emotion you experience. It is never caused by someone else. It’s easier to spend your life in a blame spiral; blithely believing that you are at the mercy of others for your emotional state. Someone did something ‘to’ you so you feel you don’t have to be responsible. Someone ‘made you feel this way’.
Nope. Never. Life throws challenges at every one. The greatest power we have is how we will respond to those challenges. No one can take it away.
Life is your own making.
This is how you reduce stress. Take radical responsibility for yourself. Grab ownership of every response. Claim power over every emotion. Seize your right to choose. Responsibility means you have the power to change what you don’t want. Increase what you do.
Owning this concept, taking radical responsibility is the greatest path to peace. I walk it daily.

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